Boost Your Curb Appeal With These Tips and Tricks

If you are planning to put your home on the market, it is important to stage the interior and exterior for your potential buyers. In fact, staging the exterior of your home is essential to boosting your curb appeal, which is essential to making a sale. The last thing you want to do is turn away your buyers before they even set foot inside your home.

You can get started on staging your home by checking out these curb appeal tips and tricks.

Clean Up Your Exterior

The first thing you want to do is clean up your exterior. A mess in your front yard or on your porch may convince your buyers to skip your open house. Clean up any outdoor equipment, toys and debris from your yard, and consider power washing your siding, porch and pavement before it is time to show off your house. A clean, tidy exterior makes your buyers excited to see your interior. Think of it as a way to make a good impression on your buyers.

Clear The Pathway To Your Home

Speaking of cleaning up your exterior, you should also take the time to clear the pathway to your home. Remove anything that may cause an unsightly mess or tripping hazard. Get rid of dirt, leaves and debris by sweeping or power washing the area. If you want to decorate your exterior, you can always use stones, flowers or solar lights to add a little pizzazz to your pathway.

Maintain A Healthy Landscape

When looking for curb appeal tips and tricks, do not forget about your landscape. Maintaining a healthy lawn is a great way to show your buyers they can take you seriously as a homeowner. You can add a splash of color with a garden of beautiful flowers. However, it is best to start a garden in advance to ensure it is ready in time for open house. If you do not have time to start a garden, decorate with colorful flowers in pots.

Add Some Welcoming Decor

You can create a welcoming atmosphere by adding decor to your front door or porch. Similar to keeping things neutral when staging your interior, it is best to keep your decor simple to appeal to all buyers. For example, you can add plants to either side of your entrance. Another idea is to add an everyday wreath to your door, but stick with designs such as green leaves with white flowers rather than vibrant shades and unique arrangements.

Upgrade Your Outdated Fixtures

Finally, you may decide to upgrade outdated fixtures on your porch or front door. On your front door, you may want to add a fresh coat of paint, new address numbers and a new mailbox. On your porch or entrance, you may need to upgrade your light fixtures. Upgrading your outdated fixtures is an easy way to give your home a new look.

By keeping the above curb appeal tips and tricks in mind, you are creating an exterior that is sure to catch the eye of potential buyers.

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